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Essential tools you must have for every kind of job

Posted by Andy Heng on


Every job has its distinct tools to make everything flow seamlessly. However, there are some primary tools that you shouldn’t miss in your everyday toolbox. It is somewhat of a tussle choosing between DIY and hiring a professional to do the job for you correctly. If you’re hiring, then you might not need the tools with you, because most contractors come with their personalized toolboxes. However, if you choose the DIY path, then you must have the essential tools needed for the job. Besides, you won’t hire a contractor for everything. You will need to handle some of the simple repairs in the house yourself.

According to experts in the field, there are specific tools that shouldn’t miss inside your toolbox. Some of them are conventional, and you might have already known them. A hammer, screwdriver set, and an adjustable wrench are some of the primary examples that shouldn’t miss in your box. Here is a list of all the tools you should have with you:


This had to start our list due to its versatility. It goes without saying that a hammer has more than two functions when working. There are a lot of applications where you will need to use a hammer. Most of them have an additional claw on the other end to help you pry nails and other objects. Aside from driving nails, you can equally use a hammer for breaking up concrete and hitting framing lumber.


How many things in your house or environment are attached using screws? If there are, as they can’t miss, then that’s where the screwdriver comes into the picture. Most of the furniture, doors, covers, knobs, and faucets use screws – practically majority, if not everything. You will need a screwdriver anytime you need to fix these parts together or remove them. Most professionals argue that this is the tool that often comes in handy during worktime.

An adjustable wrench

This is the third tool on the list, and it isn’t there for no reason. Most of the items you have around you are either connected using screws or nails. However, not all of them are so; some use nuts and bolts. And this is where the adjustable wrench comes into place. To tighten and loosen the nuts and bolts, you will need to employ this tool.

A handsaw

This is a cutting blade that has tooth-like hedges. It can be used in the place of a power saw, to make cuttings on wood. Sometimes, it may be handier than a power saw. For example, when you are building a treehouse, a power saw is cumbersome to carry through a ladder, when compared to a handsaw.


When carrying out different repairs and operations, you need to get a hold of things safely. Using your hand isn’t the best idea as you can quickly severe your fingers. Pliers make the work more natural as you only have to grasp using its tong-like structure.

Tape measure

Accurate measurements are mandatory when working with tools. Tape measures are vital for making sure you get proper calibrations.


You might think that your phone’s flashlight fits this description. But what if the battery runs out, what will you do? You need a proper flashlight that you can always rely on. A phone’s flashlight is also dimmer, and you need more light for DIY jobs.

A tape

Most DIY jobs require a masking tape to get things covered. In most cases, you will need it when handling wires and other electrical equipment. Duct tape is yet another valuable asset that you need for your every day repairs. It is imperative for all those quick fixes that you need to make inside the house. Be sure to apply it only in the right spots. Besides, there are different types for every type of job. For instance, there are electrical tapes, plumbing tapes, painters tapes, and finally, duct tapes. Duct variants are more multi-purpose.

A drill

You need an electric drill to make holes through concrete or wood. It is often tedious making holes manually, and so, use a drill for even the slightest drill you want to make.

Circular saw

A handsaw can easily handle most of the small cutting tasks. However, when it comes to the large chunks of wood, you might need to have something extra like a circular saw. Experts say that it does the job more efficiently and faster. You will need it for more significant tasks such as building shelves, replacing windows, and adding decks. It has a fast-spinning circular blade that is very dangerous. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when using the tool. In terms of flexibility and speed, it is the ideal pick for DIY.

Safety gear

Safety comes first in everything, including DIY projects. The basics you will need include; goggles, gloves, and a face mask.