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Hager CD240B 40A 2P 2 Pole 30mA AC Inter Differential Residual Current Circuit Breaker Device RCCB

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to open a circuit automatically in the case of an earth leakage fault between phase and earth and / or neutral greater or equal to 10, 30, 100, 300 or 500mA; use in domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Technical data:

nominal voltage :
2 pole 110/230V - 50Hz
4 pole 230/400V - 50Hz
specifications : IEC 61008-1 SS97

Connection Capacity:

16-63A rigid 25▫
flexible 16▫
80-100A rigid 50▫
flexible 35▫
ambient temperature range :
-5 to +40°C

Positive Contact Indication:

mechanical indicator, appearing on the front face of the RCCB, linked to the contacts shows the positive opening of all poles,
red = contacts closed
green = contacts open

Earth Fault Indicator:

mechanical indicator appearing on the front face of the RCCB to differentiate between tripping and off position
yellow - tripped

Nuisance tripping:

all the RCCBs are protected against transient voltages (lightning, line disturbances) and transient currents (from high capacitive circuits).