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How to Prepare For 11.11 Big Sales Day

Posted by Andy Heng on

In case you are a newbie when it comes to online shopping, then 11.11 sales day is something you need to know. Officially known as 11.11 singles day sales, this is a massive shopping event in the Asian region. Generally, it comprises major discounts, price cuts and other amazing deals from the available merchants. There are equally several promos to look out for that will save you money. To date, it is the most significant and most followed shopping day in the world, both offline and online.

Based on the 2017 shopping statistics, this shopping event enabled Alibaba to accrue over 25.4 billion dollars (USD). As the years go on and on, you can expect everything to get better and better, including this year. Moreover, this is why you need to prepare appropriately for the upcoming shopping event.  

Many merchants, including Lazada and Alibaba, will go international in this coming sales day. This being the case, it makes perfect sense investing your time in making plans for this special event.

Also known as the bare sticks holiday, this unique event started in 1993. The history behind the name was out of students celebrating their single life. It began from Nanjing University and later became famous, leading to its spreading all-over. The date 11.11 was fixed, and this relates to the number one, which means single.

Later on, the day became significant even for those in relationships. Today, it is a huge sales day that you should not allow to pass when it comes. Therefore, how do you prepare for the day? Here are a few guidelines you can use:

Learn of the promotions upfront

Most of the sellers or merchants participating in this vast event start displaying their deals early enough. Some start running their promotions as from November 6 going forward. You need to watch out for these deals and mark them early. This will ensure you do not miss anything nice once it goes live.

On the day that the sales event commences, make sure that you lookout for the flash deals. Most of these deals elapse after a given timeframe, and so, you need to be keen. Generally, you should scan through all the offers present from different merchants before the D-day. This will help you understand what to expect.

Have a wish list

Every single item you note down and love should suffice on your wish list. This will make it easier locating them when the deals go live. Bearing in mind that there are many different deals from distinct merchants, a wish list will make sorting them out convenient and effortless. Prepare your wish list early so that you know exactly what you want.

Learn about the merchants involved

There are numerous merchants participating in this important sales day. You need to know which ones they are, as this will help you understand each of their deals. Some of the prominent merchants involved include the following:


This is one of the largest online merchants in the world. On November 11, you can access discounts over all the product categories, including; home and living, electronics, and clothing. You can use discount coupons, and cashback offers to enjoy price cuts on the deals. Easily use the app to access the sale.


This is yet another massive merchant known globally. On this gigantic sales day, you can get up to a whopping 90% off on item prices. There are also several vouchers to anticipate, including worth $110. In Singapore alone, this online merchant has over 3300 official stores with 500 plus sellers. They have curated millions of deals, and so, you can trust that this year is going to get even better. Electric Mart is having huge discounts on Lazada too, don’t forget to check out our store here!


Also on the list of merchants is Shopee. On the D-day (November 11), this shopping merchant has 24-hours of non-stop deals from a varied number of sellers. The best part is that they offer a fantastic getaway of a trip for four to Bali. This is inclusive of a villa stay and return tickets.


Here, you can expect up to 70% discounts on different brands. You can equally win gift cards for shopping with them.


For your first online order with Watsons, you will enjoy free delivery, besides buy-one-get-one deals. You will also get an additional discount of 11% on all the store items.

In case you are planning a trip abroad, then 11.11 is the ultimate time to turn it to reality. This is through the fantastic promos you will get from You can get up to 8% off on your bookings.


This is another great merchant participating in the 11.11 sales day. Most of the deals you will get are available from 2.11 pm to 4.11 pm.


Wrapping up, to this point, you know what the 11.11 sales day is, and how you can prepare adequately to benefit. This year is going to be improved, so get yourself ready.

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