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The Future of Smart Home Living; What to Expect By 2025

Posted by Andy Heng on


Technology has transformed the way we live in every small detail. It has made life easier and more convenient for everybody. The future is already here with us. Drawing closer to 2025, there is a lot to expect in terms of technological advancements. Every day, something is new comes into the limelight to make our lives effortless. Who ever thought in the 50s that there would exist a washing machine?

Conversely, in the present times, there is a lot to expect and be patient for in technology. Smart home technology employs seamless internet connectivity encompassed with remote controlling. If this does not spell advancement to your ears, then what will?

The future is glowing with outstanding opportunities. If you are wondering what to expect, then we will give you a glimpse of it all. Here are some of the advancements projected for the future of home living:

Smart home control hubs

Smart speakers are some of the best devices to link to a home network. The sitting room is slowly being transformed into a central hub. Some of the other items that will add to this system include door locks, lighting controls, and thermostats. By directly employing a smartphone or any other mobile device, a homeowner will easily control all of the above devices from any point they are located. The stress of walking every time in search of a switch will slowly fade away.

Smart home display devices

The typical TV screen you are used to every day can soon transform into an innovative work of art. From the creation of screens that roll up when they are not in use, to the invention of potent projectors, there is a lot to expect. Screens that roll up when left idle are convenient to avoid any hits from foreign material. Conversely, potent projectors will help to transform walls into makeshifts for displays, in the most effective way possible.

Interior design

Home décor, combined with top-notch interior design is the best thing you can ever do to your home. Interior designing is not always a walk in the park. In essence, it is one of the hardest things to do. However, with the help of technology, this will soon become a past problem. You will not even need to hire the services of a professional to give ideas. You will use a software or app on your mobile device and envision different furniture designs throughout your room. This will provide you with an accurate virtual visual representation of how the furniture or item will look inside your house even before you go and get it.

Facebook screen

This is for those who always feel lonely or miss someone special. Plans are underway by social media giant, Facebook, to create a smart camera solely for this purpose. It will make you feel as if you are next to the person you wish. Be it your mother, father, sibling, friend, or fiancée; the smart camera will keep you alive with the memories of your loved one.

Smart monitoring

Monitoring people in the house is not easy when you are far away. Nevertheless, with the help of technology, this will be easier in the subsequent days. Sometimes you are not in a position to stay back with delicate members of the family, such as the elderly or kids. Living hubs are an ideal safety measure to help you get this done appropriately. Using security cameras, you can monitor your loved ones seamlessly. However, thanks to the enhancement of connectivity, you can do this from whatever location you are based.

Through your smartphone, you will not only have access to such footage but also get the opportunity to send commands or messages. There also will be motion sensors to alert you if everything is okay back at home. Therefore, in case of any seizures or irregular movements, you will be notified from wherever you are at that time.

Smart kitchens

The kitchen area is the most treasured by many, especially women. Everything in this room will go digital. This way, you will seamlessly control every device present even when you are not in the place. From managing your oven as it bakes your most-loved pastries, to the dishwasher and gas stove. All of these items will be at your fingertips. Therefore, you do not have to experience overcooked foods anymore.

Smart refrigerators will quickly let you know in case any product is going stale. Besides, it can give you recipes for cooking the best meals when you are in the kitchen. Future ice cream makers will have the power to tell you whether the mixture is hard or not yet.

Besides, the emergence and improvement of 3D food printers is something worth noting and monitoring closely. In the coming years, you will easily print out all types of food ingredients on the go. With technological advancements happening every day, the sky even seems not to be the limit.