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3 Core x 70/0076 PVC Flexible Wire Supply Electrical Cable 3x70/0076 or 3Cx70 (3 x 70 / 0076) - 1 Roll; Equiv. 40 Yards

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3C X 70/0.076 Copper Flex. Cable

- Solid flexible conductor cable
- PVC insulated and jacketed installation cable
- Suitable for use in, on and under plaster, above false ceiling, concrete and brick works.
- Usable outdoors or in open air in dry, damp and wet environments.
- DO NOT use in the direct laying of shaken, vibrated or compressed concrete.
- DO NOT expose to direct sunlight.

Colours: Grey, Black, White
Specification : Voltage rating: 250/440V


  • For all general electrical works
  • Recommended for air-con, water heaters or ovens above 20A
  • Also usable for lighting and power