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Denko BLEXW2001M LED Box Surface EXIT Light

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The White LED Recessed Box Emergency Exit Sign series is a self-contained unit of rigid-steel construction and attractively finished. The recessed exit sign design is ideal for locations such as industrial buildings, factories and warehouses. The High Flux White LED has low power consumption and is environmentally friendly.

Self-contained emergency exit sign specially designed for recessed wall mounting.Options for Exit or Running Man signage available.Suitable for installation on wall, ceiling or pendant mounting.

Technical Specifications

Mode of Operation: Maintained

Lamp: 1W High flux white LED

Operating Temperature: ta 0°C ~ 50°C

Mains Supply: 230V AC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 4W

Battery: High-temperature NiCd battery

Charger: Fully automatic

Charging Monitor: 5mm green LED

Recharge Period: 24 hours

Testing Facility: Test-switch for independent testing

Emergency Duration: 3 hours

Safety Feature: Low-voltage cut-off to prevent over-discharge of the battery

Emergency Duration: 3 hours

Weight (Nett/Gross): 2.5 kg / 2.7 kg


  • SS 563-1:2010;
  • SS 563-2/A1:2013;
  • SS IEC 60598-2-22:2016

Installation: Recessed wall mounting

Cable Entry: 4 x 20mm knockout hole

Legend: White text/graphical symbol over ISO green background

IP Rating: IP 20