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Hager Dream WGDL141 / WGDL142 16AX 4 Gang 1 Way / 2 Way Switch (Suitable for BTO switch replacement, HDB, new installations, Singapore standard size switch hole for easy installation) *NEW updated high 16AX rating (previously 10AX)

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  • 01 Frameless design The ultra-slim, frameless design allows the switch to be integrated into the wall; the simple and large panel makes the contact easy, and each touch creates the most pleasant moment.
  • 02 Hidden LED Soft and discrete LED light to locate the switch as soon as you enter the room. No need to feel your way in the dark. Guided by the LED light, experience the convenience and safety.
  • 03 Noise reduction design Noise reduction is designed for the large switch panel, which embodies the sound and hand feeling of the products imported from Europe. The design idea from multi-dimensions such as impression, light perception, sense of touch, and phonoreception makes the large rocker perfect.
  • 04 U type screwed terminals Capacity of terminal can fit 3 x 4mm2 flexible/ rigid wire. However, it is easy to wiring, high efficient for installation.
  • 05 Beehive-like support Beehive structure has the advantages of super-strong intensity and light weight. It is accurately used for the installing support of the product, which makes it more firm, durable, and not deformed over time.
  • 06 Safety and stability The international standard rated current of switch is 16AX, which ensures safer and more stable use of the switch.
  • 07 Shutter Having safety awareness all the time comes from the care for every family member. The socket panel is designed with child lock. Source isolating safety shutter is installed at the jacks to prevent children from putting their single finger in. It can completely block current.
  • 08 Monobloc rocker & frame design Rocker and the frame can be taken out by one time only, easy for installation. This is a perfect alignment of rockers all the time.