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hager Sollysta WXPPS12 IP66 10AX 1 Gang 2 Way Switch, weatherproof, dust-proof, water-proof, 180 degree lid opening, EAN 3250617260039

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Installation Instructions

These products should be installed by a competent
person (eg. qualified electrician) in accordance
with these instructions and in compliance with the
appropriate clauses of the current edition of the IET or
IEC wiring and building regulations. Sockets should
be protected by a suitable RCD device.
The IP66 range is designed to be mounted on a
vertical flat surface, with socket outlets not more than
1.5 meters above the ground.
The rear box shall be mounted on the wall using four
number 8 wood screws.
If conduit is to be used then please follow the
instructions below:
The drain feature can be drilled out using a 5mm drill
if top or side entry conduit is used. Opening this drain
hole will reduce the IP rating of the product.
If bottom entry conduit is used, there must be
adequate drainage from the lowest point of conduit.
The relevant cable entry knockout should be carefully
The rear box is equipped with 20mm removable
blanks, if a 25mm entry is required the blank should
be left in place and drilled out using a suitable 25mm
hole saw. The centre position of the blank has been
pre marked for this purpose.
A waterproof cable or conduit entry must then be
fitted in its place.
If two cable entry positions are used with metal
conduit, then earth continuity between the conduits
must be maintained.
Ensure that the gasket is correctly fitted, and tighten
the four screws to fix the front cover in place. Do not
over tighten. Use of an electric screwdriver is not





  • Manufactured from a tough, durable thermoplastic, the sollysta IP66 range is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where wiring accessories may be vulnerable to the potentially harmful effects of dust or water ingress. The IP66 rating assures total protection from ingress of dust and protection against powerful water jets.
  • A unique dual action hinge allowing the lid to be opened
  • a full 180 degrees for ease of plug insertion and switch
  • An extended enclosure and extra wide gel seal mean even
    moulded on plugs can be accommodated.
  • Factory fitted soft gel seal fits snugly around power cables
    to maintain the IP66 rating in use with the lid fully closed.
  • All enclosures are padlockable to prevent any unauthorised