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hager Sollysta WXPSS81 IP66 Single 13A Double Pole Switched Socket, weatherproof, dust-proof, water-proof, 180 degree lid opening, EAN 3250617260091

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13A 1 Gang Double Pole Unswitched Socket 103 x 116.5 1 WXPS81

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    Drill out
    If 25mm conduit is needed, then
    a clearly marked drill out position
    allows safe and precise use of a
    25mm hole saw.
    The drain feature can be drilled
    out using a 5mm drill (opening the
    drain hole will reduce the IP rating
    of the product).
    sollysta on the inside!
    From the unique neutral loop
    terminal on our switches to the
    patented safety shutter in our
    sockets, its sollysta white moulded
    A padlock of up to 5mm diameter
    shank can be fitted to the
    enclosure to prevent unauthorised
    20mm cable entry knockouts are
    secure and easily removed by
    pushing out from the inside of the
    back box.
    180 degrees
    With its unique dual action hinge,
    the lid of the box can be opened
    a full 180 degrees for ease of plug
    insertion and switch operation.
    Soft sealing
    The factory fitted soft gel seal fits
    snugly around power cables to
    maintain the IP66 rating in use
    with the lid fully closed.