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Honeywell R2757WHI 1 Gang 13A SP Switched Socket Outlet

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High on aesthetics

The R-Series range is designed with curved profiles to offera soft yet modern look. Easy side by side installation allowsfor clean lines and consistent aesthetics, while its simple andseamless application compliments any interior design.

Reliable quality

This new range also offers a wide range of accessories which areunobtrusive, durable and practical. Manufactured using highgrade polycarbonate material, and compliant to IEC, British,Malaysia and Singapore standards; installing R-Series will giveyou and your customers total peace of mind.

Easy installation

> Effortless installation with easy snap-on front plates> Slim switch module for ease of wall mounting> Oblong mounting eyelet for perfect alignment> 4 eyelets allow for freedom of mounting orientation (flexibleapplication to various interior design concepts)

Wide range

> Up to 4 unit-panel gang surround> Rotatable orientation for all switches> High performance 16AX switches> High capability to support demanding lighting applications
  • Honeywell R2757WHI 1 Gang 13A SP Switched Socket Outlet
  • Dimensions 86 x 86mm